Preparing Your Coinbase Taxes

CryptoTaxCalculator allows you to upload Coinbase data by two methods: an API or CSV upload. Uploading your transactions allows CryptoTaxCalculator to calculate your Coinbase tax obligation.

On Coinbase:

  1. Login to your account and navigate to the API section under settings
  2. Create a new API
  3. Under permissions select the read-only options and click create
  4. Enter your passphrase if required
  5. Copy and save the API + Secret keys provided

On CryptoTaxCalculator:

  1. Login and navigate to the import page, and select Coinbase
  2. Paste your API key and secret key and press Import
  3. The process might take a few minutes to upload all your data but in the meantime, you can work on uploading your other exchange data

On Coinbase:

  1. Once logged in navigate to the taxes and reports section
  2. Generate your report as a CSV file

On CryptoTaxCalculator:

  1. Once logged in navigate to the import page and select Coinbase from the menu
  2. Import your transaction history CSV file

These two options are all you need to get started on your Coinbase and other Crypto taxes. If for whatever reason you are missing some transactions that can’t be uploaded you can manually add them in the review transactions page.

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