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CryptoTaxCalculator has partnered with leading Australian cryptocurrency exchange CoinSpot, offering seamless integration between the two products. Being one of the earliest fully featured trading platforms that facilitate crypto to crypto transactions, it exciting for us to offer complete support for CoinSpot users. It is now easier then ever for Australians to calculate their tax obligations.

There are two ways you can import your CoinSpot data into CryptoTaxCalculator. You can follow the steps below to import your CoinSpot CSV file or alternatively you can connect via the API to automatically sync your transaction history in the future.

Upload via a CSV file

You can easily download a CSV file from CoinSpot and upload it into CryptoTaxCalculator. First log into CoinSpot and follow the below steps:

  1. In the top right corner click the ‘my account’ button to activate a dropdown menu

  2. From the menu select order history

  1. Download the buy/sell CSV

  2. You can also download the send/ receive CSV if you have transferred funds

Then signup to CryptoTaxCalculator:

  1. Once signed up navigate to the import page

  2. Select CoinSpot from the dropdown menu

  3. Upload the files you have downloaded previously

Upload via API keys

Once logged into your CoinSpot account follow the steps below to create and use an API to import data:

  1. In the top right corner click the ‘my account’ button to activate a dropdown menu

  2. From the menu select API

  1. If you haven’t already you will have to enable 2FA security (this will involve downloading a two-factor authentication app on your phone and following the steps Coinspot provide)

  2. To create a new API key generate key, give it a name and enter your 2FA code, you will get sent an email confirmation with a link to complete the process (make sure the API you create is read-only to protect your account)

  1. Record your API key and secret key somewhere secure (you can only see the secret key once)

Once you have generated your API key head over to CryptoTaxCalculator to complete the process:

  1. Once logged in navigate to the import data page

  2. Select CoinSpot from the dropdown menu

  3. Select the select autosync option and enter your API key and secret key

It could take a few minutes to upload the data but in the meantime, you can continue uploading any other transactions you have from different exchanges.

To celebrate the partnership CryptoTaxCalculator is offering a discount to all CoinSpot users, the code should have been sent via email from CoinSpot so check your inbox.

Users can sign up to CryptoTaxCalculator for free but to view and download your tax report you will need to sign up for a subscription.

To use the discount code navigate to the report page and you will be prompted to sign up for a paid subscription. Click the buy now button and before entering your credit card information enter your coupon code.

All content in this article is general information only and does not constitute financial, tax or legal advice. It is not intended to be used by anyone for the purpose of financial advice, legal advice, tax advice, tax avoidance, promoting, marketing or recommending to any other party any matter addressed herein. For tax, financial or legal advice please consult your own professional.

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