Preparing Your Liquid Taxes

As the first step in your crypto tax process, you will need to upload all your transactions to CryptoTaxCalculator. For Liquid there are two ways to do so, through an API upload or through a CSV history file upload. Either will work and allow CryptoTaxCalculator to calculate your crypto taxes and specifically your Liquid tax obligation.

The easiest way to transfer data is to generate an API and share the details with CryptoTaxCalculator.

On Liquid:

  1. Open the Liquid API page
  2. Click Create a New Token button
  3. Select Accounts: Read and select executions: Read
  4. Type the 2FA code (if enabled)
  5. Click Create an API Token

On CryptoTaxCalculator:

  1. Once logged in navigate to the Import page and select Liquid from the dropdown menu
  2. Paste in your API key, secret key, and passphrase used to create the API
  3. The process might take a few minutes but in the meantime, you can upload data from your other exchange accounts and wallets

The alternative to using an API is downloading your transaction data from Liquid and uploading the files to CryptoTaxCalculator.

On Liquid:

  1. Navigate to the funds/wallet section in the top right corner
  2. Select the date range and export via email (you might have to do this multiple times for all your transactions)

On CryptoTaxCalculator:

  1. Once logged in navigate to the import page
  2. Select Liquid from the dropdown menu
  3. Click the import button and upload all the files you have downloaded from Liquid

Once you have uploaded all your crypto data CryptoTaxCalculator can calculate your portfolio breakdown and crypto tax obligation. If for some reason you can’t upload your transactions you can add them individually on the review transactions page.

All content in this article is general information only and does not constitute financial, tax or legal advice. It is not intended to be used by anyone for the purpose of financial advice, legal advice, tax advice, tax avoidance, promoting, marketing or recommending to any other party any matter addressed herein. For tax, financial or legal advice please consult your own professional.

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