Degen-proof DeFi support

Manage even the most complex DeFi transactions with ease.


DEX integrations

Support for all DEX's including Uniswap, Pancakeswap, Sushiswap, Quickswap, TraderJoe, Curve, Balancer, Osmosis, 1inch, GMX, and plenty more.

Cross-chain, single app

Hunt for airdrops across chains, with support for multi-chain DeFi, including L2’s and alt-L1’s.

Farm for yield, not for tax audits

Comprehensive categorization options including: staking, lending and liquidity pools.

Staking rewards made simple

Import your public address and the value of any staking rewards will be calculated in your local fiat currency.

Staking rewards -feature

Borrowing crypto? No worries

Lending and borrowing protocols, centralized or decentralized, easily identify what is and isn’t classified as a taxable event.

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Frequently asked questions:

01.What is DeFi?

DeFi stands for ‘decentralized finance’, and is a collection of digital assets, smart contracts, protocols and dApps built on the blockchain.

02.What’s the difference between DeFi and traditional finance?

Decentralized finance is about taking the middleman out of the financial process, lowering costs, or increasing returns for consumers. Users can take part in typical financial activity without ever having to go through a financial institution.

03.Can DeFi activity be taxed?

Given how new the DeFi space is and how quickly it is changing, many governments haven’t come up with specific tax laws to cover all the cases yet. Each government has a different approach to DeFi activity taxes, so it’s best to ask your local tax professional for guidance so you can categorize the transactions appropriately.

04.How does CTC deal with DeFi activity?

No matter what you are doing with DeFi, you have to keep a record of it for tax purposes and calculate the tax you owe based on each transaction. Our app helps to unify your records from all your crypto accounts and platforms, making the classification process much easier.

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