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Frequently asked questions:

01.Are NFTs taxed?

NFTs have only come into popularity in recent times, so tax regulatory bodies across the world are still largely figuring out how to approach them. It is best to ask your tax professional for guidance on how to categorize NFTs as per your country’s guidelines.

02.How does Crypto Tax Calculator deal with NFTs?

Once you’ve uploaded the wallet address(es) associated with your NFT activity, our software can help you categorize any proceeds, gains and losses.

03.Does Crypto Tax Calculator integrate with NFT Marketplaces?

Yes we do! We have integrations with major NFT marketplaces like OpenSea, LooksRare and more. This makes the process of tracking your NFT transactions more manageable.

04.What about play to earn games involving NFTs?

Much like other NFT scenarios, tax laws around NFT games are highly ambiguous. It is best to ask your accountant for guidance, particularly if you are engaging in high-value transactions. Our software can help you categorize any transactions once you’ve received advice as to what category they fall into.

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