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Minimize your tax liability with our easy to use calculator

We automatically categorize your transaction history and learn from your input. Support for ICOs, OTC, pools, airdrops, mining rewards, lost or stolen funds, crypto payments, and all your favourite exchanges.

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User First

As crypto traders, we understand the pain involved in doing your tax return. The last thing you want to do is manually record every trade.

All in one place

Having all your crypto trades in one place can gives a fresh perspective on what strategies are working best. Plus it keeps the tax man happy.

Safe. Secure. Fast

As an Australian company you can be sure your trade history is in safe hands. We use Google authentification services to stay protected.

100% Guaranteed

We are so confident in our product that if you are not happy with our services we offer a 100% money back guarantee. No fine print conditions.

Just tap and swipe

We use smart automation to recognise the type of trades in your wallet so you don't waste time doing manual entries.

  • Complete History

    View your entire trade history on just one page

  • Smart Input

    Quickly update non exchange transactions

  • Simple Reporting

    Easily understand how to minimize your tax obligation

Exchange APIs

Connect with all your favourite exchanges so you don't have to manually import data

Transaction Categories

Participated in ICO's? OTC Trades? Lost or stolen funds? No worries, we have you covered

Asset Breakdowns

Understand what trades to hold to maximize your long term tax deductions

7 Day Support

We are based in Australia and offer high touch support to help if you are stuck


We use Google cloud services to store your data so you can sleep sound at night


No other tool will help you get your tax done faster. 100% satisfaction guaranteed

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One Time Payment for the Entire Financial Year

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$49 /year
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$ 99 /year
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$5000 /year
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  • What countries do you support?

    We currently support: United States; Australia; New Zealand; United Kingdom; Germany. If you are from a different country please reach out to us so we can prioritize.

  • What are the steps involved in generating a tax report?

    Import wallet and exchange data. View your trade history and mark any irregular payments accordingly. Click on summary report to see total capital gains and breakdown by symbol.

  • How do you deal with non exchange activity?

    We look at your wallet history and categorize trades accordingly. You can also select trades as different types and support ICOs, OTC/Pools, Airdrops/Mining, Payments.

  • How does the app do so much automation?

    We use an AI technique called inferential logic in combination with some smart programming so the app gets more intelligent as you categorize more data.

  • How does payment work?

    You only pay once for the financial year that you are wanting a tax report for. Our multiple tier system allows you to choose a plan that suits your needs.

  • How secure is your website/database etc?

    We use Google authentification and cloud services to secure data. If you can hack this site you can also hack Google... so pretty secure. We also only ever ask for read only API keys or CSV files.

  • What is included in the final report?

    We break down your transaction history by entry class using double entry accounting. You can then see each capital gains event line by line and a final report summary. Information includes: currency break down, cost of trade, fee if available, total gross gains, total net gains, long term gains, and amount remaining after trade. The report is downloadable in CSV format so that it can be shared with accountants or stored for compliance.

  • What downloadable report formats do you support

    We offer raw CSV files, IRS form 8949 downloads, and Turbo Tax integrations.

  • What exchanges do you support?

    We currently support: 0x Protocol, AirSwap, Bamboo Relay, BTC Markets, Bibox, Binance, Bit2c, Bitbank, Bitfinex, Bitflyer, Bitso, Bitstamp, Braziliex, Btctradeim, CEX, COSS, Cobinhood, Coinbase, CoinbasePro, Coinegg, Coinex, Coinspot, Coolcoin, Crypton, Cryptopia, DDEX, Decentrex, Deribit, DSX, ETHEN, ETHEX, Easy Trade, Enclaves, ERC dEX, EtherC, EtherDelta, Ethfinex, Exmo,, GDAX, Gemini, Hitbtc 2, Ice3x, IDT, Independent Reserve, Kraken, Kucoin, Kuna, Kyber, Liqui, Mercatox, OasisDex, Paradex, Poloniex, Qryptos, Quoinex, RadarRelay, SharkRelay, SingularX, Tidex, Token Jar, TokenIon, Token Store, Tradesatoshi, Wex, Yobit

  • Can you support *insert exchange here*?

    If you cannot see a your required exchange on our list please email [email protected] We are always adding support for new exchanges and will prioritize your request.

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