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Product update - 23rd May 2022

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Product update - 23rd May 2022

New Integration and Features

CTC Cronos integration
CTC Cronos integration

We’re excited to announce that our integration with Cronos is now live!

Simply copy and paste your Cronos wallet addresses in the 'Import Data' page, and we will pull in all of your Cronos transactions.

Support for ERC-1155 transactions

We are now able to process and reconcile transactions involving ERC-1155 tokens. This includes minting, buying, selling and converting a ERC-721 to a ERC-1155. This is applicable for: Ethereum, Polygon, Avalanche, BSC, Fantom and Arbitrum.

Add comments on transactions and new comment filter

Have you ever found yourself wanting to flag and come back to a certain transaction? Or perhaps, wanting to write down further context for your future self or your accountant? This is where our new comment functionality comes into use. You are now able to leave comments on transactions, filter by transactions with comments, as well as delete comments.

New report: German SO report

German users can now generate the SO report, with all the relevant fields already pre-filled with their data. In order to gain access to this report, head to the 'Get Report' page, and select the SO report. Note that this report is only available in PDF format.

New report: Canada TurboTax report

Canadian users can now download a Canada Turbotax PDF. Users can paste those values into TurboTax Online to file their reports to the CRA.

New category: collateral withdrawal

In addition to our existing 'collateral deposit' category, we’ve now added a collateral withdrawal category. This category can be used for withdrawing collateral from a borrowing and lending protocol, where the asset moves back into your wallet.

Accountant feature: revoke access to team members

For users on our accountant plan, admin accountants can now revoke access to team members. By revoking a team member's access, they will no longer be able to access your Accountant Dashboard. Any client data which they have been working on will be saved, and will still be accessible by any other invited team members.

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Shane Brunette


Shane Brunette founded CTC back in 2018 after dealing with his own crypto tax nightmare. He has worked closely with accountants and tax lawyers to make it easy for fellow cryptocurrency users to be tax compliant.

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